Flyball box - detailed description

Fast shooter

All sizes of the boxes and their construction follow European and American rules of Flyball and the Regulations of protecting dogs during flyball tournaments. All used materials are harmless to health and 100% recyclable. Safety of dogs and box operators were the key issues during the construction of the box. All edges are rounded to prevent injuries of dogs and operators.

The whole box is welded from polypropylen parts by a CNC milling machine which provide its precision, strenght, size and shape constancy, weather conditions resistance, easy maintainance and cleaning. There is no risk of splitting off edges like with wooden constructions. The construction and paneling of the rear support plate is safe and comfortable for the loader. The base surface consists of antislippery layer - grip. The launching and pedal board is covered with rubber - 10 mm microporous rubber + 3 mm grooved rubber. The lower grey 10 mm thick part absorbs shocks. The upper black hardened antislipping layer protects the lower layer from wearing out. By using this material it prevents excessive overtraining of dog’s motion aparatus and increases comfort and safety. If ordered it is possible to supply Tuff Spun material which is widely used by box producers in the USA. However this material is not recommended for humid environment, it lacks the hardened layer so it can be worn out faster. The basic box is equiped by two launching machanisms for the usual size of tennis balls. The holes in the launching board are constructed to make a half of tennis ball to stick out according to flayball rules. The flyball box weighs 19kg (41lbs) + ballast in the front part of the box (max cca 7.5 kg) can be easily removed, or to reduce its weight. The front part of the box doesn’t have tendency to lift and the necessary force that the loader has to create is not demanding. There are holes for anchoring the box using nails in the rear part of the base to eliminate possible motion of the box in backward direction.

The main parts of the launcher are made of aluminium parts with elox layer (anodized) layer preventing the oxidation. Stainless steel launching plunger is mounted on bronze sliding sleeves. The bolts and springs also made of stainless steel. Dismantling of the launchers is simple, to simplify maintenance and cleaning. It is possible to adjust the force of the shot balls and also the force required to release the launcher of the trigger. For initial training the launcher can easily provide the plunger in the straight position and no balls are launched. The launchers are designed to follow the rule of minimum landing distance of the ball from the launching board – 61 cm. Pedal plate is attached to the base of the box by two hinges. The force necessary for pressing the pedal plate can be easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing continuous preload of two stainless steel springs according to the weight of dogs. It is also possible to adjust the maximum lift of pedal boards.

Manufacturer and sales: Ales Spirman
Mlynska 968, 560 02 Ceska Trebova
Czech Republic - Europe